Upcoming Free-to-Play FPS Games 2015 - 2016

fps neutralBeyond expectation and maybe a bit more than the markets need: a lot of new free-to-play FPS will be making their debut in 2015 - 2016. About time to present you a compilation of new titles that might be noteworthy: Check out this video compilation of 10 upcoming free-to-play FPS that you might be playing in the next future:


10 Upcoming Free-to-Play FPS for 2015 - 2016

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  • combat arms los splash01

    Combat Arms: Line of Sight

    Developer: BlackSpot Entertainment
    Release: 2H 2015
    Territories: Confirmed for Europe

    Combat Arms: Line of Sight is a spiritual successor to Combat Arms, not a direct sequel, although it inherits core features such as the in-depth weapon customization system. For the forthcoming Closed Beta version, Nexon Europe has selected 4 maps, 6 PvP modes and 19 weapons, with much more to after full release. Gameplay is based on common mechanics of f2p military shooters, except that players can take advantage of psychic weapons and superhuman powers. 


  • dirty bomb splash10

    Dirty Bomb

    Developer: Splash Damage
    Release: June 2015
    Territories: North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia

    Developed by Splash Damage, the creators of Brink, Dirty Bomb is set in a near-future scenario and takes place in bombed-out, post-apocalyptic London. Players team up in squads and choose one of 12 Mercs, each with its own personality and special skill set. Gameplay is frenetic and fun, Splash Damage and its publisher Nexon promise a "free-to-win" shooter experience.


  • ghost in the shell splash01

    Ghost in the Shell Online

    Developer: Neople
    Release: 2H 2015 Est.
    Territories: North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand confirmed

    Based on the anime series Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX, the same title shooter takes players to a future world in which cyborgs fight over strategic resources. Ghost in the Shell Online is fully set in the sci-fi universe, providing the same look and feel and the original characters. Players will find dynamic gunfight action and many other distinctive gameplay features. Ahead of any other country, Ghost in the Shell Online will debut in Western markets first. 

  • black squad splash02

    Black Squad

    Developer: NS Studio
    Release: 2015 in some territories
    Territories: South Korea, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand confirmed

    Black Squad is a modern military free-to-play MOFPS, fully built upon Unreal Engine 3, and provides classic PvP game modes and a large-scale 16-vs-16 mode. Apart from a special combat skill system, which allows players to call for special support, Black Squad is a straight-forward shooter, easy to adapt and fun to play for both beginners and veterans. The FPS was launched in 2014 in Korea and enjoys a solid community and growing player base. 


  • survarium splash10


    Developer: Vostok Games
    Release: 2013 PvP Closed Beta - "Freeplay" Mode (Open World) tba
    Territories: Worldwide

    Key members of the team, who had worked on the abandoned project S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, founded Vostok Games and are developing a free-to-play MOFPS under the title Survarium. The PvP content of Survarium has been launched as Beta by the end of 2013, and the team continued to work on the 


  • phantomers splash01


    Developer: Dream Execution
    Release: 2H 2015 (Est.)
    Territories: Turkey confirmed

    Phantomers is a free-to-play military themed FPS, developed by Dream Execution, the studio who still operates the shooter game War Rock. Although both titles belong to the military genre, Phantomers does not have to seem a connection to War Rock, nor does it provide vehicular combat. Players choose one of five character classes and take advantage of their distinctive skills which also includes drone support, sentry guns and more deployable extras. Other than this, Phantomers just seems to deliver solid, competitve PvP gameplay. The developer is set to kick off its first public beta testing in Turkey, the only country confirmed so far. 


  • project bluestreak 2

    Project BlueStreak

    Developer: Boss Key
    Release: 2016 (Est.)
    Territories: tba

    What expectations do we have for Project BlueStreak? The free-to-play, sci-fi arena shooter is in the middle of development, but the UE4-powered Alpha footage looks promissing already, and the project is lead by Cliff Bleszinski who is known for his works on Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. He partnered up with Nexon America to start afresh with Boss Key and "to create a proper First Person Shooter".  


  • mc splash10

    Metro Conflict

    Developer: Red Duck
    Release: 2H 2015
    Territories: North America, Europe

    There must have been a lot of internal quarrels at Red Duck that caused a four years delay of Metro Conflict's launch. Nevertheless, the sci-fi shooter will finally be available to public in Western territories soon, as OGPlanet is about to open the gates and prepare its debut in June 2015. 


  • iron sight special04

    Iron Sight

    Developer: Wiple Games
    Release: 2H 2015
    Territories: tba

    Development for this f2p, military FPS goes into the fifth year. Wiple Games spent almost two years to develop their own game engine. Look and feel of Iron Sight will be different from all those polished UE3 and UE4-powered shooters. The game will offer some modern warfare elements, large scale battle maps and tactical drone combat elements. We can't wait to check it out.