Which one in this list is the most pay-to-win f2p Shooter Game?
PlanetSide 2
World of Tanks
Gotham City Impostors
Team Fortress 2
Blacklight: Retribution
Crossfire (EU)
Combat Arms
Tribes: Ascend
Soldier Front 2 / SKILL Special Force 2
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Poll: Which is the most pay-to-win f2p Shooter Game? (Active)

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polls 2Greedy publishers? Premium items that give others unfair, superior powers? Which is the most pay-to-win f2p shooter game? Vote now!

Consulting firm ICO Partners has released a market research report about PC Free-to-play shooter games in Europe. Unfortunately the report is very expensive and made for gaming professionals, but one sample graph from the report delivers quite interesting information. And according to this, the top 3 shooter f2p titles that have the highest percentage of items impacting gameplay are: 

  • World of Tanks
  • Warface
  • Combat Arms

With other words, those are the most pay-to-win shooter games in Europe... according to ICO Partners' analysis.

But we invite you to create our own top ranking list. Vote below for the game that you think is mostly based on a pay-to-win mechanism. You can vote for multiple titles and add a new title.