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Upcoming Korean FPS games for 2014 - 2015

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korea logoLast year was a bit lame for Korean gamers hungry for FPS. What are Korean developers cooking? Here is an update of upcoming shooters for 2014 and beyond. 

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Pretty much all games that had been announced for a release in 2013 or 2014 had been delayed. The most interesting titles are yet to come. Highlights for the Korean market in 2014 will be Black Squad, Sudden Attack 2 and FEAR Online. 

Game Title Type Genre Estimated Release
Black Squad MOFPS Military Launched in Nov 2014
Crack Shot Online MOFPS Fantasy tbc
CrossFire 2 (Project M) MOFPS Military 2015 (est.)
Dragonfly (Project SFG) MOFPS Military tbc
Dragonfly (Project R) MOFPS n/a tbc
F.E.A.R.: Online MOFPS Horror tbc
Final Bullet MOFPS Military 2014 (OBT in Thailand)
Ghost in the Shell Online MOFPS Sci-Fi / Anime 2015 (est.)
Iron Sight MOFPS Military 2015 (est.)
Metro Conflict MOFPS Sci-Fi 2015
Operation7 II: Rise of Condota MOFPS Military 2015 (est.)
Phantomers MOFPS Military 2015 (est.)
Project HON Shooter RPG Sci-Fi Terminated
SOW MOFPS Military 2015 (est.)
Sudden Attack 2 MOFPS Military 2015 (est.)

This list has been updated on May 20, 2015.

Find more details about upcoming Korean FPS games, that are scheduled for release in 2014 and 2015:

Black Squad

Previously titled as ‘Viper Circle’ the shooter project made it to public Closed Beta in 2013, but went through a complete overhaul afterwards, as the team changed from a sci-fi setting to a military theme. Black Squad will pit two teams against each other in various game modes and related maps that can host for 5-vs-5, 8-vs-8, 10-vs-10 and ‘large scale’ 16-vs-16 matches. Players can also take advantage of a special skill system in combat. 
Black Squad is set to enter Closed Beta testing by the end of August 2014 and is being developed by NS Studio which is also readying the TPS Dizzel for a launch in North America.

Developer: NS Studio
Status: Fully launched in November 2014 in Korea. (updated)
Territories: Confirmed for Korea. Stay tuned for updates. 

Black Squad - CBT Trailer

Crack Shot Online

Comprised of key developers and producers who worked on Crossfire, Studio 9 is committed to launch "Crack Shot Online" in the next future, an action shooter that features more than 40 maps / game modes with many being set on historical locations all over the world. In some of the PvE modes, players will have to deal with all sorts of enemies, including zombies, aliens, monsters and soldiers of past times. Crack Shot Online will also provide a MOBA-style game mode and fast-paced PvP content.

Developer: Studio 9
Status: tbc - to be confirmed. This game is possibly cancelled.
Territories: none confirmed

Crack Shot Online - Defense Mode Trailer

F.E.A.R.: Online

F.E.A.R.: Online will offer classic PvP game modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and Escape missions. It also features a unique PvPvE "fear" game modes and on top of this, it adds single-player scenario modes. The free-to-play FPS is in development by South Korean studio Inplay Interactive and to be launched on Aeria Games' platform later this year. 
Although it is based on Warner Bros' F.E.A.R. franchise and was backed up by the creators of FEAR, Monolith, don't expect too much of the original 'FEAR' atmosphere, but find a rather a fast-paced, competitive MOFPS with a good portion of challenging PvE content.

Developer: Inplay Interactive
Status: The FPS is shut down in North America and Europe (2015) and will be possibly terminated completely. 
Territories: North America, Europe, Korea

F.E.A.R.: Origin Online - G-Star 2012 Trailer

Final Bullet

In 2011 veterans of several Korean game studios formed the company G Plus Games to develop a new FPS under the tentative title "Project M". The military themed shooter is built utilizing the Gamebryo engine and suited to run smoothly on low-end PC systems. Final Bullet promises to deliver challenging, fast-paced PvP content in addition to common free-to-play FPS game mechanics and features a plethora of items and gear. 

Developer: G Plus Games
Status: OBT in Thailand by August 2014.
Territories: more to be confirmed

Final Bullet (TH) - Announcement Trailer

gplusgames cap3


Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX

Nexon had secured the worldwide license for the popular Japanese animation series "Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX" to develop a free-to-play online FPS. Ghost in the Shell SAC is set in a sci-fi world, in which players battle for surpremacy as cyborgs, equipped with supernatural powers. The shooter will deliver fast action with the same look and feel of the series.
Ghost in the Shell: SAC is being developed by the folks of Neople, a subsidiary of Nexon Korea and was announced for a release in 2014, which is not likely to happen. 

Developer: Neople
Status: In development and to be showcased at G-Star 2014, so probably a release candidate for 2H 2015 (updated)
Territories: Worldwide

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex FPS


Iron Sight

Wiple Games was founded back in 2010 by Song Kil-Seob, a former executive at Korean developer and publisher Webzen. Song assembled a team of veterans who are working for the fourth year on an FPS that will be entirely built on an in-house developed, proprietary game engine.
Instead of licensing Unreal Engine 3, Gamebryo or CryEngine 3, the developers went the hard way and spent 1.5 years working on that engine to be free of any restrictions or redundant tools they wouldn't need.  
Iron Sight is set in a near-future world, featuring modern weapons and gear, a special skill system, enhanced weapon customization and upgrade options, PvP and PvE game modes, detailed and realistic visuals, animations and maps. A bit too early to go into further details, but a game that is on top of our watchlist.

Developer: Wiple Games
Status: Game engine had been developed for 1.5 years, est. launch in 2015 (updated)
Territories: Korea. Stay tuned for updates.

iron sight_splash01


Metro Conflict: Presto

The sci-fi shooter Metro Conflict is a neverending story. It was announced in 2010 and the first Closed Beta in Korea had been conducted in December 2011. The game - or shall we say the team at Red Duck - went into hiatus afterwards and came back with another Closed Beta in China three years after, in 2014. 
Metro Conflict is set in a near-future scenario, featuring futuristic class-based characters, weapons and gear. The shooter promises to deliver top-notch visuals and fast-paced, skill-based FPS gameplay. Next to competitive PvP modes, players can check out action-packed PvE content.

Developer: Red Duck
Status: Last CBT was in June 2014. Announced for 2015.
Territories: Confirmed for Korea, Japan, China. Stay tuned for updates.

Metro Conflict: Presto

Metro Conflict: Presto - Beta Gameplay

Operation7 II: Rise of Condota

The sequel to the f2p shooter Operation 7 is being developed by Park ESM and inherits most key features such as the in-depth weapon upgrade system. Operation7 II Rise of Condota delivers fast-paced, military-themed gameplay that can be experienced in a variety of PvP game modes and newly introduced AI (PvE) modes. The shooter is highly anticipated by gamers in South-America and might enter CBT later this year.

Developer: Park ESM
Status: CBT in 2014 or later
Territories: none confirmed

Operation7 II: Rise of Condota - Teaser Trailer


The creators of the long-running f2p FPS War Rock announced that they are working on a new project which might be launched in 2015: Phantomers is a military shooter with distinctive features, such as a special ability system, an enhanced weapon composition system and the usage of tactical traps. The company had abandoned producing the shooter Maze: The Treasure Hunters.

Developer: Dream Execution
Status: in development
Territories: none confirmed

Project HON

Project HON is a action-packed mech shooter RPG, set in a post-war futuristic scenario, in which players take control over humanoid robots. Those battle units are equipped with heavy arms and have special abilities and powers. Players can choose from various robot classes, each with distinctive skills and upgrade options. Gameplay is intense and challenging, as players can take advantage of their special skills and movements, even transform and experience action which goes beyond traditional shooter games. NCSOFT promises Unreal Engine 4-powered graphics and effects, yet "unseen".

Project HON is cancelled. Believe it or not, but the project team leaders at NCsoft have been caught for embezzlement. NCsoft had decided to discontinue and completely terminated Project HON, which is a such a shame. 

NCsoft has deleted all official videos. But we were lucky to have downloaded it before and re-upped it :)

Developer: NCSOFT
Status: Terminated in May 2015.
Territories: none confirmed

Project HON - G-Star Trailer



Developed by Vertex Games, SOW is a character class-based FPS in the military genre. The shooter is based on the Havok Vision Engine. SOW will be presented at G-Star 2014 to select attendees and is to be published by Zepetto who is known for its FPS game Point Blank.

Developer: Vertex Games
Status: in development, presented first at G-Star 2014
Territories: none confirmed

Sudden Attack 2

It took Nexon and its studio Nexon GT a couple of years and millions of dollars for development, but as of now, the successor to South Korea's most played FPS Sudden Attack is ready for to enter the first Closed Beta testing phase. Sudden Attack 2 inherits all major features of Sudden Attack 1, but delivers up-to-date graphics which are - like many modern f2p FPS - powered by Unreal Engine 3. Korean gamers will be able to enjoy the next stage of competitive FPS gaming in autumn 2014.

Developer: Nexon GT (formerly GameHi)
Status: Closed Alpha test has ended in July 2014
Territories: Korea

Sudden Attack 2 - Teaser Trailer



More upcoming Korean FPS games

There is even more in the pipeline. I can't personally wait for news and further info about the stuff that Dragonfly, NCSoft and Smilegate are cooking.

Dragonfly, the creator of the Special Force / Soldier Front series, is developing another FPS, which might be announced for 2015. And I believe that this will be anything else but one of the greatest shooters made in Korea. 

NCSoft is experimenting with the Unreal Engine 4 and develops a shooter, which could be either an FPS or a TPS. 

And Smilegate is expected to come up with some big, as they must be desparate to develop a worthy successor to the billion dollar cashcow CrossFire. The only thing we know about "CrossFire 2" is that it will be utilizing the Unreal Engine 3.



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