The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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Survarium MMOFPSDigital Extremes have teamed up with to get our community access to the Closed Beta testing of The Amazing Eternals! Be the first and test Digital Extremes' next f2p title and get hands-on experience on an innovative FPS-cardbuilding game mix.

Black Squad Closed Beta Test (CBT) Key Giveaway Extended

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Survarium MMOFPSMore Closed Beta Keys! The first Beta will be happening in a couple of days. If still don't have a key, but want to participate in the test of upcoming military FPS Black Squad, here is your chance. We received a batch of keys from publisher Neowiz Games.

Survarium Open Beta - Interview with Vostok Games

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fear online logoVostok Games rolled out Open Beta testing for its post-apocalypse-themed FPS Survarium in Europe earlier this year. We had a quick catch-up with the devs who answered our questions regarding some upcoming stuff, especially the PvE content, which the community is eagerly awaiting. One thing we've learned: it's perma death in Survarium!

Guns and Robots X-Mas Giveaway

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gunsandrobots logoMasthead Studios has provided us with keys that we would love to give away to our readers and that grant you a free Christmas item for the free-to-play robot shooter Guns and Robots. Have some robot shooting fun and claim your key code right away!

Zombies Monsters Robots (Hazard Ops) Member Review

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fear online logoAdam, one of our active members, had a first look at the Third Person Shooter Zombies, Monsters, Robots (ZMR), which is also known as Hazard Ops in Europe. This is his review on an early Beta version:

Dizzel Early Access Giveaway

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fear online logoDizzel, the latest addition to OGPlanet's games list, is now available to all players across North America and Europe and to celebrate this the publisher is giving away a powerful P90 Assault Rifle. So jump into this adrenalin-pumpin' shooter mayhem thrill ride and unleash carnage on your foes.  

Survarium Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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fear online and Vostok Games have teamed up to give away key codes that grant you access to the ongoing Closed Beta of Survarium. Some people have been waiting for months to get one, so don't miss out, use this chance and claim your key code for the upcoming FPS.

Nosgoth Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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fear online logoWar is upon us! Hundreds of years of conflict between Humans and Vampires: This is Nosgoth, Square Enix' latest f2p multiplayer action game. And you haven't got a key for the Closed Beta or haven't heard about it yet, here is your chance to grab one of few key codes that grants you Beta access!

Hazard Ops Closed Beta Key Giveaway #2

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fear online logoInfernum Productions hooked us up with a new batch of key codes that grant you access to the next phase of the ongoing Closed Beta Test for Hazard Ops. Join the mercenary forces in this brutal Third Person Shooter. Claim your key code right now!