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Free-to-play team-based MOFPS (Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) Tactical Intervention from Counter-Strike co-creator Minh "Gooseman" and his development team at Fix Korea in the spotlight:

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First person shooter game genre never gets old and one of the reigning games in that department lately was surely Counter Striker. It is exciting but also involves a strategic element to satisfy all the needs an average gamer requires. In case you got tired of Counter Strike, you will got a new, repacked first person multiplayer shooter game brought to you by the same creator, Minh "Gooseman" Lee. It is pretty much the same premise, with several tactical changes that revolve around the game itself, but if you liked CS you will probably feel the same satisfaction here. That might actually be the biggest problem, as for an game update we might have expected some huge change. 

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Like I previously mentioned, the game follows the same premise as all first person shooter. There are two groups of people in this game: the terrorists and the anti terrorists. The mission mode mostly revolves around hostage situations. Hostages play a much bigger role in this game and finding and releasing them is much harder that it was in the Counter Strike franchise. There is not much to be said about the plot, as it was clear that the game was imagined to become a top online multiplayer hit. Speaking of multiplayer, the players involved are much woundable than before as no auto health charging was installed here. In order to complete missions successfully, the team work is required a lot more than in previous Lee's games. Spawn options have also been improved and require a tactical look at the map before finding out a good spot.

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Although the game is a first person shooter, there was a lot of work on the players movement in the game. You are able to duck, roll and even hold cover for their partners in the game. Roll is actually one of the greatest options in this game, as it allows the player to move quickly and manage to escape fire pretty easily. With blind fire and the ability to lean and shoot, you can pretty much win the game with clever and tactical moves.

Tactical Intervention features a rather unique add-on in the first person multiplayer business. In previous games, you were only able to buy guns and various add-ons for your weapons, but this time you can actually buy someone to hold guard, actually a dog. While watching over some entrance, the dog can watch over the next one and alarm you if enemy is on the way. You can give him instructions the way you want and he can be used as a weapon too. This gives a huge encouragement to so called "campers" who tend to watch carefully behind barricades and wait for their chance. I am not sure how much the true fans will like this add.

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Lee tried to improve CS and make it a bit different, but still similar so that people can associate the game to him. There were several graphical changes and appearance changes too, but nothing big or something that could affect your gaming.

Tactical Intervention is associated with CS with every right and it almost look the same, if not even weaker in some sections. The graphics aren't outstanding, but the shooter is still very playable and has got massive potential and that might be Lee's main goal: to create a game independently from CS and make it last for several years.

Play Tactical Intervention now by visiting the official website at the official site!

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