Special Force 2: Team Death Match Modes & Maps

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sf2 smalllogo Part 1 of the Special Force 2 coverage: Team Death Match Maps.


The classic team death match game modes came with the early beta of Special Force 2 and are all fun to play, sometimes packed with frenetic action and the maps are well balanced. 

The Farmhouse map is an asymmetrical map, players spawn not a in a designated area. They spawn nearby where they teammates are located. The map refers to a farm house somewhere in Poland. Two of the buildings are barns with a second floor, usually occupied by snipers. Of course your target is to flank the enemy. Effective weapon classes in this map are assault riffles, SMGs, sniper rifles and even shotguns. 

Special Force 2 Farmhouse

Lost Temple
The action takes place along the two roads and inside the temple of this symmetrical map. It gets pretty hot inside the temple as players rush to the opposite entrance to commit sudden attacks. You find players using sniper riffles, assault rifles and machine guns. The latter because of their wall shooting ability.

Special Force 2 Lost Temple

The Hangar, a military vehicle depot, is almost symmetrical and very narrow. Expect frenetic gameplay, lots of granade explosions and flash granades. Hangar is direct and straight forward: fast-paced action, but it offers sniper positions from the second floor too. This is not the type of maps that requires team tactics, it is skill-based and fast fragging. Weapon classes used: assault rifles, SMGs and sniper rifles. 

Special Force 2 Hangar

This map stands for crazy action. Some might say it is dull, but it is one of my favorite maps in Special Force 2, the firepower of AUA and MAF clashes at one narrow passage with a adjacent, dark stairway. Dam seems to be simple in its design, but the map designers have done a great job to balance the overall structure, so that snipers or long-range rifles are not at an advantage. The fun lies in the team balance and dramaturgy of each match. You never know how your team is being structured, whether you have great assault teammates or skilled snipers, both offensive and defensive. Since both need to fight through the one and only passage, the madness does not stop with constant grenade explosions, annoying flash grenades, snipers and wall shots. Effective weapons used in Dam: sniper rifles, machine guns and assault rifles.

Special Force 2 Dam


Special Force 2 - Sniper Gameplay in DAM

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