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fear online logoAdam, one of our active members, had a first look at the Third Person Shooter Zombies, Monsters, Robots (ZMR), which is also known as Hazard Ops in Europe. This is his review on an early Beta version:

Looking at the first promo materials of Zombies, Monsters, Robots, I was expecting a mix of Ghost Recon Phantoms and Gears of Wars or even a Vindictus-style Third Person Shooter. Well, since you can hide behind walls, using covering fire, the TPS mechanics in ZMR seemed to be a bit similar to those games.

I got into the game playing one of the PvE survival maps. At first, I was fairly impressed by the graphics – well, for a f2p title, it's good - and by the gameplay. But, by the time, when I was playing more of the game modes, especially the boss battles, my enthusiasm faded a bit away. If you look more in-depth, you realize, that this game isn't a game for everyone. On the one side you get what it promises: shooting at hordes of mutant soldiers, zombies, robots, monsters, dinosaurs, and hell, what else.
On the other side playing against mutant soldiers in the assault game mode for example gets quickly boring and repetitive, as they rush towards you based on really mediocre AI patterns. And coming with those horrible sound effects, it gets sometimes even annoying, especially if you engage in a mech suit.

The bosses look very well-designed. This game isn't about skill, like Vindictus was at early stages. You can't dodge, or avoid most of the boss attacks.There's only a few of the boss attack moves, which can be dodged. When the boss aims at you, no matter if you think you do the right move at the right time, he's gonna slam you in the face.

I also had the feeling that the whole game feels like being built around the revive tokens. The more tokens you have, the higher the chances that you will finish the map. And if you want to finish the boss fights trying several tactics, like running around in circles around the boss to attract the fire to yourselves while others are shooting, it won’t work here. The bosses are faster than you, or you don't have enough space to run in circles, or those area of the attack range are so big that you won't gonna dodge them. And by the time, it gets repetitive and unchallenging.
The best way seems to acquire better weapons to deal with the bosses. That needs grinding, because they aren't cheap and in that perspective ZMR gets grindy, as you need to do the daily quests. Furthermore, in order to complete the quests to get better weapons, you are forced to play both PvE and PvP modes.

Reviving other team members, shows up another problem, as only in two of ten attempts, you will succeed reviving your teammate or vice versa your teammate will even reach you before then enemy hordes come to stomp on you. So getting more and more tokens is a must.

Overall, I am not saying that the game is bad, it just might be not a great game for everyone at this stage. It can be fun, if you looking for a hardcore shooter, which doesn’t take itself too serious. ZMR is still in an early stage to make a final judgement, and might be improving throughout the next updates. But I can really recommend this game to give it a try at first hand, it might be the game you are looking for.

I really hope that the balancing will be improved and ZMR is not too much turning into a pay-to-win game. And in addition to a better AI in the PvE game modes, ZMR could maintain a solid position in the market for f2p Third Person Shooters.

Zombies Monsters Robots is available for players based in North America and Hazard Ops in Europe. Check those free games out at the official sites.


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