Dirty Bomb Open Beta Review

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Dirty Bomb - LogoThe Open Beta version of free-to-play FPS Dirty Bomb is available on Steam. Does it stand out from the masses of f2p shooters? Worth to be downloaded? Here is what we think, a review from one of our contributors:

dirty bomb review

Many free-to-play shooters are fun and filled with a ton of unique gameplay opportunities, since there are numerous game modes and maps to peruse at all times. But quite a lot tend to get boring for a while, because in the end many players don’t want to work as a team.

This is what Dirty Bomb does great, as it manages to improve on the concept of teaming up and it requires you to work together with the others in order to obtain the best results.

Right from the start I found Dirty Bomb to be different, with its unique objectives panning out right from the start. I am impressed with the gameplay that the title offers, because instead of requiring you to kill off the enemies, you need to do that while also defending bases, conquering objectives and so on. The variety of challenges that come from these objectives is astounding, and it makes me fully understand the uniqueness and greatness of the overall experience.

There is a story in the game, not that massively impressive and it doesn’t quite manage to be easy to remember. Instead, the game is bringing in a lot of value by putting you to work as a team in the best way you want, something you will like for sure.

Dirty Bomb comes with its own set of gameplay changes, because you have a team of 3 mercs that you can choose from, and they will allow you to alter your game style as a whole. But the thing I like the most is definitely the ability to play over and over as you try to identify the best moments in the game and take your gameplay experience to the next level.

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Competitive gameplay is really fun here, especially during the stopwatch mode which is really fun and filled with a lot of potential to be honest.

Leveling up is fun, and the leveling system here is nicely implemented to the point that you will always try to frag new enemies and play more matches so that you can unlock new characters and content. Yes, the motiviation is there, which for me is a very good thing to be honest as I do want to be challenged by a game and try to improve my skills.

Graphically, Dirty Bomb looks decent, and I do like the whole theme that the game brings. Sure, it might not be the best and there are issues to iron out, but the experience is solid and the gameplay as a whole is appealing, that’s all that matters. Level design is cool, yet visual stuttering was a problem for me.

Overall, Dirty Bomb is a wonderful FPS to play and it does bring in a very impressive experience for those that venture in it. Sure, it’s open beta at the time of this writing, but it’s insanely fun, challenging and really cool as a whole, so you do need to give it a try if you itch for some competitive multiplayer with a cooperative allure!





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