Survarium Open Beta - Interview with Vostok Games

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fear online logoVostok Games rolled out Open Beta testing for its post-apocalypse-themed FPS Survarium in Europe earlier this year. We had a quick catch-up with the devs who answered our questions regarding some upcoming stuff, especially the PvE content, which the community is eagerly awaiting. One thing we've learned: it's perma death in Survarium!

Survarium is a free-to-play MOFPS (Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter), currently in development by veterans of the studio who created the survival FPS S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Production for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.2 had been cancelled and the ex-staffers formed Vostok Games to continue developing a spiritual successor to S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but as free-to-play version with MMO elements. 
Last year Vostok Games decided to release the 'Team play' PvP content of Survarium beforehand and rolled out Open Beta Tests in Russia, Poland and Europe, while progressing with the development of the PvE area, the 'Freeplay' and the 'Co-op' Modes. The PvP modes provide a solid playground for competitive FPS gamers, but the majority of the community has also high expectations to find a 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Online meets DayZ' mix in the upcoming open world of Survarium. 

The devs are really busy working on it, but here are some answers:

A month has passed, since the free-to-play ‘Team play’ (PvP) mode of Survarium has moved into Open Beta for gamers based in Russia. Are you satisfied with the results so far, in terms of player feedback, retention rate and server stability and even with the first revenue stream?

Actually, the OBT has basically expanded to everyone. Although we launched the “European” OBT, anyone is able to register an account and sign up at our official site. As far as stability goes, naturally there are some teething issues that one expects and others that you don’t. So, it’s a constant work in progress but things are progressing well. Revenue is a tricky question, I’d prefer not to disclose that information as it is rather sensitive and our investors may not like it to be made public.

In the international Beta version of Survarium ‘Team play’ I am missing features like a player lobby, room/ channel creation with invite and kick functions, map and mode selection, browse server channels and clan management options. Do you plan to include those features in future updates or will players join a match solely based on the automated matchmaking system?

Nice question. In sure, yes, you will have the control you mentioned. At present, for the purpose of testing each of the game modes as much as possible the option to select the game mode and location were disabled. However, we expect this choice to be implemented soon.

The ‘Freeplay’ (PvE) is all about survival. What are the odds of surviving if I roam as a Lone Wolf? Can I still survive anomalies? How important will be food? And what happens, if I die?

Although Freeplay is still pretty early in development it is rather an exciting prospect. The odds of survival depend purely on the players’ actions. If you play alone, of course, you may find yourself in a situation that would be better served if you had chosen to make an ally and explore together. As for food, it is unlikely as the mode will be session based. So basically you have missions, story objectives and other tasks to complete, along with exploring at your own leisure. But it will not be possible to save midpoint and come back. It’s going to be very tough. If you die, you die; Perma-Death, one life. So, you’ll need to start over and of course many things will change; new tasks etc. It must be different each time you play.

I understand that a good portion of the story evolves in the mission-based ‘Co-op mode’ (PvE). How are ‘Freeplay’ and ‘Co-op mode’ linked to each other?

Each game mode will feature story elements. So, Co-Op will be a more traditional story telling experience with cut scenes etc. But, as I said above, Freeplay will have story quests and missions that the player can choose to take part in.

In an early ‘Development Timeline’ you mentioned the introduction of ‘War for territories’. Are those PvP clan wars? And will there be large scale battles in the ‘Freeplay’ mode too?

Yes, you are right. It is a PvP based clan feature. Ultimately the clans will fight for control over specific locations and can rise to dominance. Then, other clans can challenge them for control. As for this happening in Freeplay too, that is unlikely as Freeplay is what we call the “Stalker” mode.

What items do you plan to sell in the in-game store for the Freeplay mode? Will there be two shops or one for both Freeplay and PvP?

Unfortunately it is too early to answer this question in detail. We’ll reveal our plans in the near future.

Can you give us an update about release dates for the international versions of the PvP mode, have you decided with which publishers you will be working in the future? And would there be an update on the highly anticipated PvE world of Survarium, can the community hope to test the first builds this year?

We plan - if all goes accordingly - to release a test version of Freeplay this year. But nothing is guaranteed as development of games is an extremely complex and often unpredictable activity.
As for international PvP access… players can register - from all over the world - now and join the fight. However, I must mention that our servers, at present are located in Russia and Central Europe. So, some users may find their ping to be a little higher than they would want.
Having said that, we have players from countries as far away as Argentina, Australia, Africa etc. all of whom play with very little trouble.

So, please, don’t hesitate to give the Beta a try! (Click here for the official sites)


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