World of Tanks Review

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wot logoHere is an overview and review of the popular MMO combat game World of Tanks, an online based tank based shooter set in the mid-20th century, specifically World War 2.

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World of Tanks is only available to play on PC but is currently in Beta on Xbox 360 and is due to arrive soon. The game contains almost 300 armoured vehicles from various countries including Britain, USA, China, Germany and the Soviet Union. The tanks contain distinctive characteristics including authentic vehicle upgrades, tank crew, turrets, guns, engines, suspensions, radios etc. The tank models are rather impressive and a lot of detail appears to have gone into making them look like their real life counterparts. wot cap02The game is mainly played from a third person perspective so you do not see any cockpit views which would have been nice. The vehicles are split up into different classes which are light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns. Although the tanks are accurately represented in terms of their external models, this is not a simulator and they are not designed to perform realistically. This does not take anything away from the game however, World of Tanks is fun to play and addictive although it is very easy to get killed in the game! You can own up to five tanks in your garage which is useful as you cannot reuse tanks that are destroyed in each battle. The controls are easy to use and it’s easily accessible making the learning curve quite quick. There are three types of random battle; Standard, Assault and Encounter which consist of two teams of 15 randomly selected players. Each battle lasts for 15 minutes. The maps are randomly generated making each game a new experience. The maps consist of various town’s and cities within Europe and plenty of wide field based battles.

wot cap03The game is free-to-play although there are premium features available to unlock items and features. It is necessary to spend some money if you want to progress to the higher tiers as you will find that players that have an advantage having purchased such items. As far as the RPG element is concerned, vehicles can be customised to your preference. Upgrades can be obtained when you visit the garage, it is here you carry out the upgrades to your tanks and unlock new features. Your vehicles crews also gain experience as you progress which improves their abilities which are useful in battle. As it takes a long time to unlock new upgrades, it is tempting to part with your hard earned cash and accelerate this process.

If you like tanks, you will love this although don’t expect hyper realism as noted this is not a simulator. The visuals and sound are pretty good especially the tank models. I would say this game is worth a look especially as it’s free to play, but you will probably end up spending some money anyway!

Head over to the official site and check it out!

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