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  Type Multiplayer Online FPS (MOFPS)
  Genre Military
  Developer Crytek
  Status CS
  Release 2012
  Platform PC Client-based, f2p
  User Rating
Rating: 4.00/5 (311 Votes)

Availability by country and game service status (CS - commercial service, OBT - open beta test, CBT - closed beta test):

List updated October 10, 2015.

Warface Crytek usa USA CS
Warface Crytek canada Canada CS
Warface Level Up! Games Brasil Brasil CS
Warface Crytek Europe EUROPE CS
Warface Mail.RU Russian Federation Российская Федерация Российская Федерация CS
Warface Mail.RU CIS Содружество Независимых Государств (СНГ) CS
Warface Nexon Korea Korea Korea TD
Warface Tencent China China TD
Warface VTC Online vietnam Vietnam CS




+6 #3 infobae 2017-03-12 02:50
Warface | NetPlay | Thailand | CBT - Closed Beta Test
March, 15th
Website: https://www.warface.in.th/th/intro
Here for registration: https://www.np.in.th/register

Warface NA and EUROPE has been transferred to a new publisher "My"
Website: https://wf.my.com/en/
+11 #2 WE11ington 2015-04-19 01:51
Warface | Level Up! Games | Brasil | CS - commercial service
-1 #1 ugurano 2014-12-15 03:36
crytek, pay to win,

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