Accelerate, The June Update In Tribes: Ascend

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Hi-Rez Studios introduces a significant update to Tribes: Ascend, the free-to-play MOFPS. The content update includes new weapons, maps and accelerates weapon upgrades. The new video reveals more.

The June update, titled Accelerate, will dramatically speed up the process by which players unlock weapon upgrades and earn new items. In a video to the community Hi-Rez Studios describes the new weapon upgrade system, and reveals that the update will also include twenty-seven new weapon variants, 2 new Capture and Hold maps, and significant balance adjustments. Hi-Rez Studios released a second companion video celebrating over 1 million Tribes: Ascend players and announcing "Tribes PK."

Anyone interested in trying Tribes: Ascend can create an account and download the game from the official site.

Tribes: Ascend - Accelarate Update

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