Major Update In Tribes: Ascend Released

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Hi-Rez Studios introduces another significant update to the Open Beta of the free-to-play fast-action multiplayer FPS Tribes: Ascend. Patch Highlights include:

· Added Sunstar, a new Capture the Flag map.
· Temple Ruins, a Capture the Flag map, has been revised based on community feedback and returns to the Quick Play rotation.
· Additional European servers added. Region selection includes Europe - London and Europe - Amsterdam.
· Additional Asian servers added. Region selection includes Asia - Japan, and Asia - Singapore
· Server performance optimizations.
· More polished reticules and HUD icons. Also, users may now disable unwanted HUD elements using SETTINGS menu.
· User settings now stored server-side. Setting may be reset with this patch but settings should be preserved upon future patches.

Other balance changes, features, and bug-fixes are detailed in the patch notes. Hi-Rez Studios also announced their intent to reward the very active Beta community. When Tribes: Ascend officially releases on April 12th, all Beta players who have reached level 10 will receive an exclusive in-game Beta badge.

To play Tribes: Ascend Open Beta today visit the official site. All player progress and unlocks in Beta will be preserved through release with no planned character wipes.

Tribes: Ascend - Focus Trailer

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