Free-to-Play TPS MicroVolts Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary

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Rock Hippo's popular free-to-play third-person shooter, MicroVolts, is celebrating 2 years since its official release this Sunday, June 9th. Players will also be able to participate in 4 different special events, including a chance to play against Rock Hippo team members, taking place on June 7th-9th.

MicroVolts evolved tremendously throughout its lifetime with over 24 new updates released and no signs of slowing down. The community has grown into something quite special and still hungers for more with each new release. 2012 saw the game launch on Steam which brought a surge of new players, increasing the player base to a whole new level. In the same year, MicroVolts earned a total of 7 awards from MMOsite's Reader's Choice Awards, including best F2P game, best PVP, and best gameplay.

These past successes have only inspired the Rock Hippo team along with developer NQ Games to plan a host of major new updates and game changing features to be introduced this year, again taking the game to another level.

Howard He, CEO of Rock Hippo Productions, is excited to share their plans for 2013:

"We know that MicroVolts has the potential to become an even bigger phenomenon in the F2P space, and we're taking the necessary steps to make it happen this year. Stay tuned this summer, because we'll be showing off complete overhauls to the game interface, community features, and game balance modifications to increase our recognition in the e-sports competitive scene. Lastly, we want to show our appreciation to the players that made MicroVolts a success, and let them know that the best is yet to come."

For latest event details and to download the game for free, visit the official site!

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