Rockstars Take the Stage for Microvolts Latest Update

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mv logoNew weapons, parts, accessories, and game improvements are now available with the ROCKSTARS game update for the free-to-play TPS Microvolts

Naomi and Pandora are ready for the opening act with Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, and Garage Rock ensembles. Kai, the newcomer, has been recruited to lead the security team with the Forest Scout and Arctic Scout outfits.

Cosmic luck is on your side with the introduction of Super and Premium Capsule Machines. The Super Capsules are guaranteed to give out weapons, including the science fiction themed Solar, Lunar, and Terra Grenades, Rifles, and Shotguns. Black Snowflake Pandora is the first to be introduced in the Premium Capsule which contains exclusive gear and new colour sets and are guaranteed to give out rare items.

The Rockstars update also brings MicroVolts Surge Evolution Phase 2 with several improvements to the network code and various game bug fixes. More phases are coming soon, including balance and UI changes.

This is just the opening act; there's much more to come at the official site.

microvolts 3 cap 01

microvolts 3 cap 01

microvolts 3 cap 01

microvolts 3 cap 01


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