New “Apex Predators” Update Brings Indie Comics Heroes to MicroVolts

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MicroVoltsNo one can say that the free-to-play TPS MicroVolts lacks of updates. This time the team at Rock Hippo Productions teamed up with Sharknife creator Corey Lewis to bring his comic heroes to life, coming with the latest "Apex Predators" update.

MicroVolts Surge Orcasword Concept S


MicroVolts Surge Sharknife Concept S

The first two characters to be released as part of the Sharknife Signature Edition sets are the titular Sharknife himself, and his eternal rival Orcasword:

"When mutated monsters attack the Guangdong Factory restaurant and its patrons, regular busboy Ceasar Hallelujah eats a magical fortune cookie to turn into Sharknife, protector of people and protein! Having his business overshadowed by the Guangdong Factory, gangster overlord Ombra Ravenga swears vengeance upon it and its mystical ninja hero Sharknife by assuming the mantle of the ferocious Orcasword!"

As a special bonus, both Sharknife and Orcasword sets will grant players a 10% drop rate boost for battery energy earned in matches.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, the armory has been updated with several new weapons that'll scare the life out of their targets. Lock and load for a night of trick-or-treating with Pumpkin Gatlings, Buster Bazookas, and Lollipop Rifles. And of course, you can't have Halloween without costumes! C.H.I.P. and Knox get the Sharknife and Orcasword combo, while Naomi sports colourful witch dresses, Kai becomes a skeletal demon, and Pandora channels her dark spirits.

The Micro World itself also got a little spookier for Halloween. Health packs and grenades have been pumpkinized (which one heals and which one blows up your face?), shields have been ghostified, and bazookas will rain skullheads all over your personal space.

MicroVolts - Apex Predators

For latest event details and to download the game for free, visit the official site.

MicroVoltsSurge ApexPredators Screenshot 1 0001 Layer 11

MicroVoltsSurge ApexPredators Screenshot 1 0009 Layer 3

MicroVoltsSurge ApexPredators Screenshot 1 0010 Layer 2

MicroVoltsSurge ApexPredators Screenshot 1 0011 Layer 1



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