Robotic Parts, Demon Hunting Weapons, and more in The Alpha, MicroVolt's Latest Update

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MicroVoltsRock Hippo announced today the launch of its latest update – The Alpha – for their popular free-to-play cartoon-style third-person shooter, MicroVolts. The Micro World is under distress! Broken toys are rising in colossal numbers and alliances must be forged to fend off an invasion!

Zombie foes have been kept in check by highly trained toy soldiers, but a recent break out has left the Micro World in turmoil. Lead the way to victory against these merciless foes and put everything you've trained for to the test with "Recruit" Pandora. Use the powerful technological force of "Red Bot" C.H.I.P. and "Blue Bot" C.H.I.P. to diminish the unholy threat. For those who abandon hope, survival may be impossible.

Help ensure your safety and defend the Micro World with Carbine Snipers, Nightmare Bazookas, Ronin Melees, and AutoBow Rifles! Stand your ground with the legendary Nether Blade melees and Laser rifles, as they return to help take down horrid foes. Make sure you're fully equipped to survive the beginning of the end, with the "Red Eye Mask," "Scuba Mask," and "Pin Head" accessories.

MicroVolts - The Alpha Update 

For latest event details and to download the game for free, visit the official site.

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