Latest "Ambush" co-op map extends winter setting in Warface

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warfaceFollowing the Spearhead" map of Operation Cold Peak Warface's next challenge puts players in another winter mission at Blackwood's Siberian stronghold. Build defenses and hold off wave after wave of attackers.

You are outnumbered, and if you manage to make it out of the castle in once piece, the show is not over, deal with a menacing Blackwood helicopter in the latest "Ambush" map.

On on top of this: 

"Also coming to Warface as part of today's update is a sackful of festive content and a series of special gifts for players. Every day between now and December 25th, players who log in to Warface will find their inventories boosted with everything from bonus Warface Dollars to quirky Christmas outfits and Yuletide weapons. On top of these giveaways, two new items have been added to the shop – namely a Christmas Gift Box which doubles as a devious directional mine, and the Christmas Firecracker; a powerful pistol which resembles a Christmas cracker but goes off with a significantly bigger bang! Once players are suited, booted and armed to the teeth, the Versus Hangar map – now once again completely revamped in honor of the holidays – is the perfect place to spread some seasonal fear."

Be part of the winter warfare in Crytek's free-to-play FPS for free at official site.






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