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warfaceThe free-to-play FPS Warface is now available on Steam, in addition to GFACE. Crytek could not resist. With over 75 mio. users, Steam is the no. 1 platform for digital distribution for video games. Coincidently, Steam hit the 8 mio. PCU (peak concurrent users) mark two days ago. 

The f2p action-packed shooter Warface is now available to players in North America, Europe, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand on Steam. The game client is localized into English, French, German, Turkish and Polish. For all other territories check the page of the official sites, as Warface is being operated by local publishers in Asia. 

Warface is an all-action online shooter from Crytek, which first launched for PC before Warface Xbox 360 Edition hit Open Beta on March 26th this year. Featuring four unique soldier classes, the game puts a special emphasis on teamwork while completing daring Co-op missions or jumping into intense Versus combat. 

For further info head over to the official site or visit the Steam page. 

Steam also releases the game stats on this page. Astounding 8 mio. PCU have been recorded on June 29th, and guess what, among all thousands of games the top 3 of most played games are titles developed by Valve: Dota 2, CS:GO and Team Fortress 2.

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