Warface boasts 25 million registered users

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warfaceCrytek is celebrating 25 million registered users for its free-to-play FPS Warface. This milestone is reached two years after its first release.

Warface went live in Russia in April 2012, where it enjoyed vast growth within the first 12 months. This success was then bolstered by the game's launch in North America, Europe and Turkey in October 2013 – the same year in which Warface came to Korea and Brazil. Further plans are also in place for the game to enter Open Beta in China later this year, with Japan and Taiwan to follow, paving the way for a vast new audience to experience Warface.

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Warface is an all-action online shooter from Crytek, which first launched for PC before Warface Xbox 360 Edition hit Open Beta on March 26th this year. Featuring four unique soldier classes, the game puts a special emphasis on teamwork while completing daring Co-op missions or jumping into intense Versus combat. 

For further info head over to the official site.

Warface - Farm Sunset Map Trailer








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