DIZZEL: Now announced for Open Beta

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Neowiz Games announced the launch date of DIZZEL, a free-to-play online TPS game (third person shooter). 'Grand Open' of DIZZEL is scheduled for Nov. 24th, 2011 on Neowiz' games portal for Korean gamers.

Neowiz Games also announced more to showcase on the games exhibition G-Star in Korea later this year. DIZZEL is Neowiz Games' latest inhouse production and targets gamers who like to play "extreme hardcore action" multiplayer shooter games.

At this stage Neowiz will launch DIZZEL on their own games portal, and with DIZZEL adding to the existing portfolio with the FPS heavyweights A.V.A., Cross Fire, S4 League, Special Force and Battlefield Online. Whilst DIZZEL having its debut in Korea, it is likely that Neowiz brings its new title to other territories and we keep you posted on this. Meanwhile enjoy watching this brand new teaser trailer:


DIZZEL - (MMO)TPS - Official Teaser Trailer


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