Action shooter Dizzel to be terminated in America and Europe

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fear online logoThird Person Shooter Dizzel will be no longer. The game is announced to be terminated by OGPlanet for North America and Europe in the second week of April, FHLGames will shut down servers in South America even earlier. 

OGPlanet regrets that "due to the closure of the developer's studio, [they] are unable to continue supporting Dizzel".
Dizzel was initially developed by a fully owned subsidiary of Neowiz Games and later on assets had been transferred to NS Studio. NS Studio recently released their main title, Black Squad, a f2p FPS, and seems to be alive and kicking, so the statement might be not fully correct, or NS Studio really is about to close its doors, which I am not aware of at this stage. 

Anyway, it's unfortunate... R.I.P. Dizzel!



0 #3 JaFT88 2015-02-18 12:14
So just the Dizzel development's studio closed, not NSSTUDIO entirely. That's so good to hear, thanks Jay!
+1 #2 Jay_FPSReport 2015-02-16 03:25
No worries. NSStudio hasn't closed, but the team who worked for Dizzel have to look for another job.
0 #1 JaFT88 2015-02-11 07:10
That means NSSTUDIO has closed?

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