Action shooter Dizzel is set to launch on August 19th

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fear online logoOGPlanet is ready to launch its latest Third Person Shooter Dizzel. Players across North America and Europe can join Dizzel' Early Access at the official site and check out fatality-style executions, many unique game modes and hardcore shooter mayhem from August 19th onwards.

OGPlanet and NS Studio also prepared a lot of new in-game stuff including five new maps, new weapons, armor and gear, a new female character who is described as being beautiful as being deadly.

In addition to content updates the publisher also will launch a variety of fun events, hardcore gamers will have the chance to win some special in-game items.


  • Brutal action Third Person Shooter (TPS) featuring "Executions", Ninja-style melee attacks, shooting from cover
  • Unique game modes such the "Killer Sentinels" and the "Predator Mode"
  • Classic PvP TDM, demotion and more
  • Tons of weapons and items: powerful long-range, guns and melee weapons, grenades, skills, power ups and more

Get into some hardcore action, register for free and join the Early Access starting on August 19th at the official site

Dizzel - First Beta Trailer



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