Third Person Shooter DIZZEL Confirmed for North-America

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dizzelbSouth Korean publisher Neowiz Games officially confirmed that the Third Person Shooter (TPS) DIZZEL will be launched in North America later this year. They partnered up with Canada-based MMO publisher OGPlanet, who will market and operate the game. 

The f2p TPS DIZZEL is described as "extreme hardcore" shooter action with a strong emphasis on melee and combo attack mechanics. The game is set in the near future post-apocalyptic scenario, at a time when mankind struggles in their fight for limited resources. The fight of the survivors is about gaining access to limited resources of food and water.
The TPS is character class-based with related futuristic weapons, gear and skills. 
DIZZEL was developed by NS Studio, a former subsidiary of Neowiz Games and had been in commercial service for less than a year in Korea. Neowiz Games holds global publishing rights and seeks to extend territories for DIZZEL, the shooter is live in Indonesia for now.
DIZZEL might enter first beta test in June 2014 in the USA and Canada.

DIZZEL - (MMO)TPS - Official Teaser Trailer





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