"Rising Again" - Content Update in Special Force (KR)

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sforce logoThe free-to-play online shooter Special Force "rises again", with massive content updates announced for the Korean version, which will be released on May 22nd.

The free-to-play online FPS Special Force, developed by Dragonfly and published by Neowiz Games, enters its 8th year of operations in Korea. Neowiz celebrates this with massive content updates and announces "new challenges" in Special Force. Some more facts in the video below:

  • 2004 - Special Force enters Open Beta in Korea
  • 2005 - Neowiz recorded 100,000 PCU (Peak Concurrent Users) in Special Force
  • 2006 - For 79 consecutive weeks Special Force is the most played game in Korean PC Bangs (Internet cafés)
  • 2007 - Special Force World Championship established
  • 2008 - Special Force "North Korea Mount Geumgang Lanparty" held
  • 2009 - Special Force Pro-League in Korea established
  • 2010 - Special Force published in Central -and South-America, Asia, North-America and Europe
  • 2011 - Lan-Party at Coex, Seoul 

The "Rising Again" update includes:

  • a new Pirates-themed game mode "Carribean Attack"
  • "The Return of the Amazon" - a new female character 
  • "Rising Korea" - a new map 
  • "Attack of the Undead" - a new horror battle mode
  • Final Showdown - online competition
The updated might be made available in other countries too. Check the official sites for more info.

Special Force "Rising Again" 

specialforce raising

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