Special Force is back in Southeast Asia, Closed Beta Test kicks off today

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Asiasoft' servers are probably melting down by now. Special Force is back as the publisher kicked off the Closed Beta Test for gamers in Southeast Asia today. There might be tons of new content coming with future updates. Have you played it by now?

special force special201
Asiasoft officially states: "Speculation finally came to an end when Playpark Inc., Southeast Asia’s leading game publisher, took to the stage and gave fans their first taste of credible news of its comeback at the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2016 (ESGS) last October 28 at SMX Convention Center, Philippines. Event attendees were even privy to a pre-registration bonus at the said event."
As the original Korean version was still live and has expanded with content, the "new" Southeast Asian version of Special Force will profit from this. And in addition Asiasoft and Dragonfly promise: "A series of tournaments in Southeast Asia will converge in the Road to Special Force World Championship (SFWC). The Philippines Championship is slated to join Playpark’s yearly summer tournament series – the All Stars."
If you were a fan of Special Force, head over to the official site to register and get your dose of nostalgia. 

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