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Special Force is coming back to the Philippines. The free-to-play FPS went into hiatus in November 2013 and never resurfaced without a word to its huge fan community. Now it seems that the long-running shooter is set for a re-launch with another publisher in the Philippines.

 In 2013, the publishing arm of developer Dragonfly in Southeast Asia plugged off servers for Special Force and posted an announcement that it was temporarily shut down due to issues with its data centers. That was three years ago and the real reason for its complete termination was never made public. 
Now the shooter is set for a return and the website will be A quick double-check on the domain registrar revealed that Level Up Games / Asiasoft has registered the domain and they also gave hints on their official Facebook pages. And on the official Special Force Philippines Facebook page the publisher hinted to deliver more details on the ESGS, Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit which takes place on this Friday.
Asiasoft acquired license for Special Force 2 which they are running in the Philippines and it seems a be a smart move to take the predecessor back again into their portfolio. 
Since it is a super-old game, it runs smoothly on real low-spec PCs, but gamers in the Philippines: Will you be playing Special Force? And why? Let us know in the comments:
We have updated the list of official sites.
UPDATE: Special Force has been officially announced and fans need to wait at least until November for an upcoming Closed Beta Test. We have updated the official sites. Stay tuned for Playpark's official pages for further info.
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0 #16 Deadshot180 2016-12-04 17:55
Guys a little help here im having some issues in SpecialForce (SF) i already created an acct. but when i try to log it in on SpecialForce (SF) i can't get in
0 #15 iqkillaboy 2016-12-01 00:05
sheeeet! dec 1 na, diba ito ung OBT date?????? whaaaaaaaaaaaat !!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaap ened!!!!!
+1 #14 rp.ljay05 2016-11-27 15:22
d rin ako makapag log in sa mismong game. pero dto sa site nakaka log in :(
+1 #13 scarlet110r 2016-11-26 10:18
i would like to ask why is it every time i log-in i dont have any sound effects and BGM, my speakers works properly on music and youtube....
+2 #12 blance00 2016-11-21 15:47
bat di pwd maka log in lagi 30second disconect ! :(
0 #11 jcroa158 2016-11-01 15:06
Hindi pa ba pede i download to ??
+1 #10 Ronil1 2016-10-31 13:02
still waiting
0 #9 kinemengasul 2016-10-28 11:18
Andito lang ako. Handa akong maghintay
LongLiveTryclon e1
+1 #8 agimat_420 2016-10-28 07:02
sapag kaka alam ko wala pa silang sinasabi kung kelan ang release date ng download link ng SFPH
0 #7 Pmadz 2016-10-28 07:00
ngayon araw ba release nito mga sir

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