Aeria Games unplugs servers for Soldier Front tomorrow

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Dragonfly is phasing out its f2p FPS Special Force, also known as Soldier Front. Aeria Games, the publisher of the shooter for the Western world, will terminate services and shut down servers tomorrow, on January 29th. 

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The termination ends the history of one of the longest running free-to-play FPS. Special Force was first launched in 2004 in Korea and has been in operation under the title Soldier Front for an incredible 8 years on first the IJJI gaming portal and later Aeria Games in the West. It outlasted its successor Soldier Front 2 for a couple of months.
Special Force has been shut down in all other territories, excluding Thailand and South Korea, where it still gets content updates.  
We have updated the list of official sites.




0 #1 momo 2017-12-22 17:14
Je voudrait que Soldier Front Revien c'est un manque et je suis sur je suis pas le seul a attendre se jeux :((((((((((

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