Zula goes eSports, ESL adds the f2p shooter to its roster

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zula logoTurtle Entertainment adds the free-to-play FPS Zula to its roster. eSport tournaments will take the classic ESL format, like OPEN & Go4 and a Ladder 5v5, and have weekly & monthly format, with to-be-announced prizes.

After one month of Open Beta in Europe, Zula boasts to have 250,000 players and celebrates another milestone. The first tournaments on ESL will start February 4th and players will be able to test their skills in non-ranked cups first.

Zula features 10 maps based on real-world locations and classic components of a free-to-play shooter such as clan system, team ranking, classic game modes incl. Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Free for All or Wanted as well as more than 150 weapons, a weapon customization system and 16 distinctive characters to choose from.

Zula will run smoothly on low-specs PCs. Other than this, Zula is straight forward, uncomplicated and fun. MadByte Games boasts to deliver skill-based competitive gameplay and puts great efforts to strengthen the eSports scene in Zula which is already very active in Turkey where the developer are based.

Zula has been launched by IDC/Games in Europe, check it out at the official site.


Zula - Beta Launch Trailer (EU)



zula screen1

zula screen1

zula screen1

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