Major MMO publisher Playspot shutting down, terminates all MMO

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playspot logoAccording to a post on their official Facebook page, Brazilian MMO publisher Playspot announced that they had closed business and halted all activities on this day, Monday October 17th. The servers for their MMOs will be terminated on October 24th. This comes out of nowhere and as you can imagine, the community is raging.

playspot termination

Just wow. A short notice and all games are gone and all money spent gone too. No word on any compensation. The company was operating a MMO portfolio that included long-running MMORPGs, browser based games and the free-to-play shooters Hazard Ops and Zula. The latter has recently entered Open Beta. Playspot also acquired license for military-themed FPS Black Squad but struggled to get it running. 

Playspot started their services on August 27th, 2014 in Brazil as business unit of the NC Group. The company had acquired almost 500,000 registered players on their platform. 

Playspot disappears from one day to another without letting the community know why this happened. At least they hinted that Black Squad might launch in 2018 with another publisher eventually.






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+4 #1 Aeon 2016-10-18 09:14
Wow, that's just sad...

Reminds me of Artic Combat as well.
Webzen just said "oops, we'll be cancelling the game"
While a bit before that they were releasing packs non-stop that lots of people wasted a lot of money on.

Should be able to sue companies like that.

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