It's time to fight! Paragon enters Open Beta

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paragon logoEpic Games' latest UE4-powered title kicks off Open Beta: Paragon a 5-vs-5 sci-fi MOBA featuring a growing roster of distinctive heroes, TPS-style action gameplay, strategy elements with card deck system, and it's free-to-play.

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While it offers skill-based, explosive TPS action, Paragon is also about demonstrating the capabilities of the Unreal Engine 4: Beautifully rendered backgrounds, settings and heroes, each with their own unique design and play style. 

And the latter will be a core element to keep Paragon's players busy: Epic Games promised to add "a new Hero every three weeks", offering "endless opportunity for new players and MOBA veterans alike. 

Paragon takes all classic elements of a MOBA: five teammates pit against another team, trying to get control over three lanes and fight off minions and towers in order to complete the objective and destroy the opposing teambase. Players earn cards and build their deck to unlock special skills and items with different card combinations. Heroes have distinctive abilities and different fighting styles, and players can choose their hero without paying a dime, while cards must be earned.

Paragon emphasizes skill-based action gameplay elements, much more than in classic MOBAs.

The free-to-play MOBA is now available for PC and PS4 gamers, head over to the official site!

Paragon - Open Beta Launch Trailer

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 paragon capS2

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