GameNet and Zepetto teamed up to publish free-to-play FPS Battle Carnival in Russia

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battle carnival logoSouth Korea's Zepetto, developer of Point Blank (aka Piercing Blow), has licensed its new, free-to-play shooter title Battle Carnival to GameNet. The publisher will present the FPS at the forthcoming game show IgroMir Expo where it will run a first public test. 

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Point Blank is a long-running FPS that made fairly well in some territories around the globe. Its developer Zepetto had made quite some experiences in self-publishing and working with other publishers for running Point Blank for years. The company had acquired game assets and IP of a shooter that was tentatively titled 'Project SOW', developed it further and has decided to publish it in Russia first under its commercial title Battle Carnival.

Battle Carnival goes much into the direction of character-based shooter games, that provide a roster of over-stylized, diverse heroes. Other than that, it seems to be a solid FPS, with a lot of customization options, character-based weapons, eSport and community-friendly features and fun gameplay. 

Russia-based GameNet has decided to take it into their portfolio which offers a dozen of MMOs to its 16 million Russian gamers, including the shooters Combat Arms and Phantomers Online. GameNet will present Battle Carnival at the upcoming IgroMir Expo which opens its gates at the end of September.

Battle Carnival (RU) - Official Teaser Trailer

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