Evolve reborn as free-to-play 'Evolve Stage 2', skyrockets on Steam

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evolve 2 logoMultiplayer shooter Evolve is now available as free download on Steam as Evolve Stage 2. The free-to-play version skyrocketed on Steam. From almost nil players it has seen almost 25,000 concurrent players yesterday.

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Evolve from 2K and Turtle Rock Studios was rolled out in 2014 and pretty much considered dead in the past weeks with around 100 players daily average. But since the free version, titled as Evolve Stage 2, was out on Steam, the numbers skyrocketed to as many as 25,000 players on Friday July 8 - as you might want to verify on tracking sites as SteamDB or SteamChart.

But the developers did not just launch a free version with an in-game shop, the game has been polished to adjust to more players and changes are not only of cosmetical nature, but gameplay, mechanics and performance have been improved. There is nothing that needs to be unlocked in Evolve Stage 2, all content from Evolve is available

In Evolve Stage 2 a team of four hunters face off against one single, player-controlled monster on a map which is set on an alien planet in distant future. The gameplay twist is that the hunters are played in FPS perspective, the monster needs to be controlled in TPS perspective.

Playing Evolve is an adrenalin-pumping experience, check out the new free version at the official site.


Evolve Stage 2 - Dev Trailer


Evolve Stage 2 - Launch Trailer






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