Turkey's popular free-to-play FPS Zula expands to Europe

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zula logoTurkey-based developer MadByte Games has partnered up with IDC/Games to extend publishing services for free-to-play FPS Zula to Europe. The game is being localized into several languages and will be also available on Steam later this year. 

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Not only was it developed by a Turkish studio, Zula conveys a feeling to be in a Turkish setting, as half of the 16 characters have Turkish background and many maps are related to Turkish locations. Inspired by a hugely popular TV series in the Middle East and North Africa, Zula attracted million of players, not only in Turkey.

Zula features maps based on real-world locations and classic components of a free-to-play shooter such as clan system, team ranking, classic game modes incl. Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Free for All or Wanted as well as more than 150 weapons and a weapon customization system. 

Zula will run smoothly on low-specs PCs. Other than this, Zula is straight forward, uncomplicated and fun. MadByte Games boasts to deliver skill-based competitive gameplay and puts great efforts to strengthen the eSports scene in Zula which is already very active in Turkey.

A launch date has not been offered yet, but sign-up for the upcoming Beta is already live at the official site.


Zula - Beta Launch Trailer (EU)


zula cap01

zula cap01



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