CCP Games revealed f2p FPS Project Nova at EVE Fan Fest 2016

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project nova logoAt the EVE Fan Fest 2016, CCP Games revealed Project Nova, an upcoming free-to-play FPS for PC and "a new re-imagination of what it is to be a mercenary on the ground of New Eden." 

As promised earlier this year, CCP revealed more details for their next shooter project which might inherit some elements of the MMOFPS DUST 514. Project Nova will provide a deeper connection to the EVE Online universe, class-based mercenary combat on "open" maps, and "correct shooting mechanics", all delivered in polished UE4-powered visuals.

DUST 514 will face termination in a couple of weeks. A launch date for Project Nova has not been announced yet, but CCP confirms again that it will be free-to-play and for PC only.


Project Nova Announcement




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