Playspot to launch Open Beta for Turkish FPS Zula in Brazil

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zula logoBrazil-based publisher Playspot invites its community to participate in the forthcoming Open Beta test for Zula. The free-to-play FPS has been developed by MadByte Games and was the first game created by a Turkish studio to be listed on our site. 

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Not only was it developed by a Turkish studio, Zula conveys a feeling to be in a Turkish setting, as half of the 16 characters have Turkish background and many maps are related to Turkish locations. Inspired by a hugely popular TV series in the Middle East and North Africa, Zula attracted million of players, not only in Turkey.

In Zula players choose to fight either for the Gladyo, a notorious streetgang, or the Zula, a governmental organization of military units and agents.

The FPS offers fast-paced PvP matches in classic Deathmatch or mission-based game modes, nice polished graphics and an in-depth weapon customization system. Zula will run smoothly on low-specs PCs and boasts to be a skill-based FPS with a "no pay-to-win"-label as promoted by its creators. Other than this, Zula is straight forward, uncomplicated and fun.

Playspots' community can check it out at the Open Beta beginning May 10th, as they only need to be a registered gamer on the portal. The international community might play it soon on Steam, as it has received Steam greenlight. Gamers in Brazil are highly anticipating the arrival of military FPS Black Squad, which is also to be operated by Playspot.

Head over to the official sites for more info. 


Zula - Official Trailer (BR)


zula cap01

zula cap01




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Com licença, poderia me informar aonde fica o download deste jogo por favor. Sou um antigo jogador do SA1 e estou muito feliz e ansioso para jogar jogar o SA2. Obrigado pela Atenção

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