Tencent reveals MMO shooter Rising Fire

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rising fire logoChinese internet and gaming giant Tencent revealed Rising Fire, an upcoming MMO shooter. The game is being developed by YingPei Games, a studio who created the free-to-play shooter Zombies Monsters Robots, also known as Hazard Ops.

Rising Fire was presented at the annual conference of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group. The game is basically an sci-fi RPG featuring fast-paced TPS gameplay, competitive PvP modes, storyline-based PvE missions, futuristic weapons and more RPG elements including class-based character progression. 

Game mechanics resemble much to Zombies Monsters Robots, a title that has also been developed by YingPei Games and who is experienced in building Unreal Engine projects, as they had been representing Epic Games in China for a while. 

There are not much more of detailed information available, but Tencent mentioned that they plan to announce the first Closed Beta later this year.

A teaser site has been launched.


Rising Fire - Official Trailer



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