F2P FPS go VR - Special Force and Black Squad

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vr logoWith NS Studio and Dragonfly, two Korean studios have announced that they are developing on versions for their free-to-play (f2p) FPS titles that run on VR (virtual reality) platforms. 

Dragonfly had assigned resources to develop a VR version based on the Special Force series last year. Since they phased out Special Force, launched under the title Soldier Front in North America, the VR version might be targeting the markets in Asia only.

NS Studio is confident to release a VR version for their military shooter Black Squad even by the end of this year and together with the launches of the non-VR versions. And according to the official press release, the regular game Black Squad will be debuting in Brazil (finally), North America, Europe, China and Thailand within this year. Chinese gamers will be able to play Black Squad also on SmartTV platforms. 

It hasn't been mentioned yet, if you can experience frenetic 16-vs-16 PvP matches in Black Squad with a VR set, which might be rather unlikely, but the FPS will offer special PvE 'scenario' modes that you can play with a Rift or HTC Vive headset. 

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