'Advanced Battle Testing' for MMO action game Crossout has begun

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crossout logoBeginning January 28 and running through February 7, Gaijin Entertainment will issue more invites to players who registered for the first Beta testing of free-to-play, vehicular action game Crossout. Hurry, there is still time to register and join 'Advanced Battle Testing'.

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Crossout is all about customizing and testing your vehicle and your skills in the battlefields. You build, upgrade and customize your own deadly armored vehicle. You can trade, earn or purchase parts and upgrades and test later how each new addition affects the whole vehicle's performance. There are thousands of possibilities, that allow you to design anything from the speediest buggy to the heaviest off-road equipped with deadly armor. Next to armor, you can modify weapons, support system and more.

Players can still sign up for the first Beta testing, but you must register by the end of next week for a chance to participate.

The next phase includes a "beefed-up crafting system with advanced parts for vehicles and it will also introduce Factions. The first factions will involve Scavengers, Traders, Lunatics and a number of Engineers".

Find out all details at the official site

Crossout - Battle Test Trailer



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