'Hounds: The Last Hope' Steam release: A bad joke?

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hounds 1logoThe Third Person Shooter-RPG-mix Hounds: The Last Hope is announced to be released on Steam. What irritates us: the publisher calls it a "New Online PC Game" and a "global release" and they add a hefty price-tag for DLC for a game that is still free-to-play in some regions.

It might be a "new" game for some regions, but Hounds has been released first in Korea back in 2013. The game also had been launched by a company called Buff. It still seems to be operating at the time I write this article (you might check their official site, although the forum is currently flooded with spam), but there was no mentioning of a Steam release to their community, which is primarily based in Europe.

Now on top of this, the publisher puts this game on Steam, as a "new" game, for "global" release and adds a super-hefty price-tag of 27.99 USD + optional mega-hefty 49.99 USD for DLC which includes basically.... tokens to make TWO WEAPONS! Remember, this is or was a free-to-play game...

hounds special01

hounds special02

Is this supposed to be some kind of bad joke, Netmarble Games?

Honestly, we can discuss publishers who cheat a bit with their official press releases, labeling their game as "new release" although the game was launched 3 years in Korea earlier, and "global release" although a small region called Europe could play it for free already since last year (and still can play, if they don't unplug the servers without notification the next days...). We could also look over the fact that a publisher wants to increase revenue while trying to convert from free-to-play to buy-to-play, but looking at those price-tags on Steam...

Hounds is a rather a non-premium game that was entirely concepted to suit on a microtransaction revenue model and now is in sale with DLC price tags that you wouldn't even expect for AAA-games? 

Give me a break.




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