Anime shooter Cosmic League to enter Closed Beta in Europe

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cosmic league logoAnime fans: the successor to Cosmic Break will be coming to Europe. Titled as Cosmic League, the anime Third Person Shooter (TPS) will head into Closed Beta at the end of Q1 2016. Players based in Europe can already sign up for the first test.

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The European version of the Japanese original game, Cosmic Break 2, will be localized into French, German, Polish, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and Greek. Cosmic League will be operated by Spain-based IDC/Games. 

According to its developer CyberStep, the game has already seen a great launch in other territories "with hundreds of thousands of players enjoying their style and action".

What you will get: action-packed, 10-vs-10 arena shooting fun, featuring "cute girls and killer robots", but all rendered and designed in best, original anime-style. 

Signup for the upcoming Closed Beta is live and you find way more info at the official site.

Cosmic League - Teaser Trailer


cosmic league cap 2

cosmic league cap 2

cosmic league cap 2

cosmic league cap 2




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