Maximum Games rolls out free zombie MOBA shooter Dead Alliance Open Beta

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dead alliance logoHere's your chance to get some hands-on experience playing Dead Alliance for free, a zombie MOBA shooter developed by Psyop Games and IllFonic. Publisher Maximum Games will roll out a free multiplayer Open Beta from July 27-31.

MMOFPS Last Man Standing launches as free on PC - offers $10k in monthly cash prizes

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last man standing logoLast Man Standing is a Battle Royale-style MMOFPS and it launched for free on PC... Free MMOFPS - how cool is that. And it promises to deliver "adrenalin fueled, non-stop shoot out" gameplay, as you find yourselves in a massive dynamic warzone with up to 100 other players who have one goal in mind: get you first and be the Last Man Standing.

Open world shooter PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS gets a Closed Beta date

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playerunknowns battlegroundLast man standing... PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS the open world shooter will enter Closed Beta testing on February 24, 2017, with the aim "to offer the best Battle Royale experience". 

Zula goes eSports, ESL adds the f2p shooter to its roster

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zula logoTurtle Entertainment adds the free-to-play FPS Zula to its roster. eSport tournaments will take the classic ESL format, like OPEN & Go4 and a Ladder 5v5, and have weekly & monthly format, with to-be-announced prizes.

Nexon to kick off first testing for Asia-only online version of Titanfall

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titanfall online logoNexon prepares the launch for the online version of Titanfall and slated December 15th for the first closed test sessions in Korea. Titanfall Online will be available for players in Asia only.

Major MMO publisher Playspot shutting down, terminates all MMO

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playspot logoAccording to a post on their official Facebook page, Brazilian MMO publisher Playspot announced that they had closed business and halted all activities on this day, Monday October 17th. The servers for their MMOs will be terminated on October 24th. This comes out of nowhere and as you can imagine, the community is raging.

It's time to fight! Paragon enters Open Beta

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paragon logoEpic Games' latest UE4-powered title kicks off Open Beta: Paragon a 5-vs-5 sci-fi MOBA featuring a growing roster of distinctive heroes, TPS-style action gameplay, strategy elements with card deck system, and it's free-to-play.

GameNet and Zepetto teamed up to publish free-to-play FPS Battle Carnival in Russia

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battle carnival logoSouth Korea's Zepetto, developer of Point Blank (aka Piercing Blow), has licensed its new, free-to-play shooter title Battle Carnival to GameNet. The publisher will present the FPS at the forthcoming game show IgroMir Expo where it will run a first public test. 

Evolve reborn as free-to-play 'Evolve Stage 2', skyrockets on Steam

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evolve 2 logoMultiplayer shooter Evolve is now available as free download on Steam as Evolve Stage 2. The free-to-play version skyrocketed on Steam. From almost nil players it has seen almost 25,000 concurrent players yesterday.

Turkey's popular free-to-play FPS Zula expands to Europe

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zula logoTurkey-based developer MadByte Games has partnered up with IDC/Games to extend publishing services for free-to-play FPS Zula to Europe. The game is being localized into several languages and will be also available on Steam later this year. 

For the Emperor! Battlefleet Gothic: Armada launch trailer unveiled

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battlefleet gothic logoFor the Emperor! Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, a UE4-powered space RTS (Real Time Strategy) game and set in the Warhammer 40k universe disembarks tomorrow on PC. Watch this launch trailer:

Vehicle combat MMO Crossout enters Closed Beta, adds new PvE game mode

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crossout logoVehicular combat MMO game Crossout has entered Closed Beta as Early Access. Developer Gaijin Entertainment also added player-created, AI-controlled metal monsters called the "Leviathans" which are serious business to deal with in new PvE modes.

Playspot to launch Open Beta for Turkish FPS Zula in Brazil

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zula logoBrazil-based publisher Playspot invites its community to participate in the forthcoming Open Beta test for Zula. The free-to-play FPS has been developed by MadByte Games and was the first game created by a Turkish studio to be listed on our site. 

'Advanced Battle Testing' for MMO action game Crossout has begun

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crossout logoBeginning January 28 and running through February 7, Gaijin Entertainment will issue more invites to players who registered for the first Beta testing of free-to-play, vehicular action game Crossout. Hurry, there is still time to register and join 'Advanced Battle Testing'.

'Hounds: The Last Hope' Steam release: A bad joke?

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hounds 1logoThe Third Person Shooter-RPG-mix Hounds: The Last Hope is announced to be released on Steam. What irritates us: the publisher calls it a "New Online PC Game" and a "global release" and they add a hefty price-tag for DLC for a game that is still free-to-play in some regions.