OGPlanet Shuts Down Free-to-Play Shooter Tactical Intervention

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This must be another record. Not even three months in open beta, Canada-based publisher OGPlanet made decision to shut down the free-to-play tactical FPS Tactical Intervention (TI). But that does not necessarily mean the end of TI.

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With great confidence MMO publisher OGPlanet had started Open Beta testing for Tactical Intervention on March 14 in North America. Before that TI enjoyed "tremendous interest in the title from fans far and wide, who have waited patiently for the launch. However, that tremendous interest has, unfortunately, not fully translated into full gaming activity". And later in their official announcement, OGPlanet hints that there is a European release in the pipeline. 

TI simply did not attract players. And not being even three months in service, its failure must have been quite massive. I assume the churn rate must have been very high, people who downloaded and played TI once, did not come back. 

Is the shooter that bad? Are gameplay and especially the graphics too much old-school? Have the expectations been too high for Minh Le's ambitious project? And can TI prove to be successful in Europe? 

Again, sad news. OGPlanet expressed they "truly love the game and believed in its greatness". And my hope is that Minh Le and his partner, developer Fix Korea, will resurface with a polished TI and maybe try it over Steam. 

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