A Step Closer to Launch? Tactical Intervention Next Test Announced

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The tactical shooter entered a first Closed Beta Test in March 2012. Prior to this, developer Fix Korea conducted tests in Europe. Now it takes a really long time to fix issues and finalize development of Tactical Intervention for Minh Le and his crew. But maybe the wait is over? Together with OGPlanet they announced the next test for North-America.

Canada-based publisher OGPlanet announced that the new tactical, team-based, first-person shooter, Tactical Intervention is set to enter the next phase prior to launch and invites gamers to apply for the "Mid-November Focus Group Test", where gamers can play the latest version. What this basically means is that it might even take longer to bring the game to release status, probably spring 2013. 

Tactical Intervention Next Test

Tactical Intervention marks the return of one of Minh "Gooseman" Le. Le co-created the iconic and legendary first-person shooter (FPS), Counter-Strike, which is arguably the origin of the modern, military, tactical, team-based FPS genre.

Players can apply to join the closed beta test at the official site of OGPlanet. The free FPS will be available in Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico.


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