Tactical Intervention Closed & Open Beta Date Announced, This Time it's on Steam

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Minh "Gooseman" Le's latest project, the free-to-play FPS Tactical Intervention, is announced for closed beta. According to our records it will be the third closed beta. Visitors at the German games trade fair gamescom can check it out from August 22nd onwards. Open beta is set for August 29th. The shooter will be available on Steam.

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It seems that the Odyssey for Minh Le and his team at FIX Korea will end on August 29th. The first closed beta test was conducted in 2011 with publisher Mayn Games. After some testing in Europe Minh Le went into hiatus and resurfaced with a polished version in 2013. OGPlanet released the open beta in March and soon after announced that it decided to shut down Tactical Intervention. 

Developer FIX Korea has now entered into a third partnership with publisher 1337 Games who will coordinate the launch on Steam. From August 22nd on, gamescom visitors will have the opportunity to intensively test Tactical Intervention. Tactics fans who cannot make it to Cologne should keep an eye on the official Facebook page of the action-packed free-to-play shooter: In August, players will have the chance to obtain closed beta keys at their Facebook page.

Open-beta release end of August

Players from all over Europe can participate in the open-beta from August 29th onwards, Tactical Intervention will then welcome players from Russia and North America as well. During this open-beta phase, shooter fans will have the opportunity to develop successful strategies, practice tactical maneuvers, get accustomed to the games' vast array of authentic weaponry and, of course, give feedback to the developers. The open-beta will be accessible until the 12th of September when the game will be officially released. Servers for Asia, Australia and South American territories are scheduled to be opened on October 1st.

European premiere and raffles

From the 22nd to the 25th of August Tactical Intervention will have its official European debut at gamescom in Cologne. Attendees will be able to test the first-person shooter at the publisher's 384m² booth - numbered B020 in hall 8. In close cooperation with Taiwanese high-end gaming-equipment producer EpicGear, 1337 Games will present its free-to-play title, which is based on the Source Engine, to the public.

On stage, there will be an exciting show program no one should miss. Among other things, courageous players will get the chance to challenge the developer team of FIX Korea and win many goodies including gaming hardware in a variety of contests.

To duly celebrate the release of Tactical Intervention, EpicGear and 1337 Games will also raffle off many fantastic prizes prior to gamescom: besides numerous gaming-keyboards, mice and other gadgets, there will be exclusive Tactical Intervention figures. Altogether, 10,000 EUR worth of prizes will be given out.


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