BlackShot Europe Brings the "Unlimited Battle Arena": No More Rules

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blackshotsmallAs its name suggests, “Unlimited Battle Arena” is featured by an infinite game play without any conditions of end of match or any rules of match. The new game mode is now released in Blackshot Europe.

blackshot sp2The basic purpose of the developer in creating this new game mode is indeed to allow players, from their first contact with BlackShot, to rapidly and constantly enjoy battles without worrying about complicated game rules.

As “Unlimited Battle Arena” is served by a dedicated server system, per example, users don’t need to create a battle room. They can just join one of the existing matches and start to play with other players already in action.

“Unlimited Battle Arena” will be played on a new map named “Desert Hawk” specially designed for this new game mode. The update also includes new items and weapons. At the update’s launch, the Team BlackShot Europe holds several events. “The Clan War” that users particularly loved in its previous edition now will be held every Saturday. Players also will get a chance to receive gorgeous in-game items in participating in the event “Endurance Party Weekend”.

At the update’s launch, the Team BlackShot Europe holds several events. Fighting on five maps selected by the Game Master will reward players with double EXP and BP during the first weekend of May. In the Clan War event, which will last until May 13, players united in a clan should defeat the team composed by Game Masters to win great prizes.

Enter the arena and join BlackShot Europe, at the Official Site.

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