BlackShot Europe Gets "The Sniper Update"

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blackshotsmallPublisher eFUSION MMOG brings the new "Sniper Update" in the free-to-play online FPS BlackShot Europe.

The Sniper Update is focused on providing more fun to players by introducing a new character, weapons and other tools specially optimized for the thrill of sniping.

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The traditional BlackShot players who want a more exciting and a different skill-based alternative to the current gameplay will thereby experience a new and powerful shooting sensation by using the new sniper character together with new sniper rifles: M110 SASS, Barrett Camo, M21, Barrett 82A1 and more.

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eFusion MMOG also implemented with this update a new map and a variety of brand new items for mastery ranks and tactics.

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At the update’s launch, the Team BlackShot Europe holds several events. Fighting on five maps selected by the Game Master will reward players with double EXP and BP during the first weekend of May. In the Clan War event, which will last until May 13, players united in a clan should defeat the team composed by Game Masters to win great prizes.

For more information about BlackShot Europe, visit the Official Site.

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