Ntreev announces major update of BlackShot

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Ntreev, the publisher of the MMOFPS BlackShot, has announced a massive and major update called "Winback" that is due release in July this year.

For the first time in the past 3 years there was not much of significant updates in BlackShot. Now it seems that the developer Vertigo Games has finally been working on massive content updates that apply first for the Korean version of BlackShot. The update will include 2 new game modes and 3 new systems. The user interface is expected to be completely refurbished and last but not least, many new maps will be added, so all in all a quite large content update in a package, not only modifications.

This update applies for the Korean, original version of BlackShot first, and it might take some time until the update will be implemented in the international versions of BlackShot.

Further details of the update have been posted on the Korean website:

- Major update: Team death match + Infinite bomb mission systems added

- Weapon Skill System: Weapons in usage allow further add-ons in relation to an increase of experience points, such as silencers, scopes and

- Gear System: Changes of gear stats with increase of exp.

- Tactics System

- New weapons

- New maps: Mean Street, Broken Cage, Training Camp, Gallery, Lost Temple, Panic Space, Red Mansion, Red Mansion II, Roppongi II, Titan
Valley II, Circle of Destiny, Crackdown

- Changes in the weapon system

- New Team Shuffle System

- Observer Map System

- Host Change Feature

- Improved in-game User Interface modifications



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