BlackShot introduces a new Free-4-All game mode with CS72: Fend for Yourself update

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blackshotsmallAlive and kicking: the free-to-play military shooter BlackShot introduces a new Free-4-All game mode coming with the latest update called 'CS72: Fend for Yourself'. Fans of BlackShot also check out some new features:

Free 4 All is basically a new, adrenalin-pumping game mode that comes with a twist. There is a 'Hunting Time' in-game alert that puts some of the players in the position of being hunted as 'Prey' and the others will have much fun trying to kill the prey as 'Hunters'. Hunters need to hurry and kill the prey before the Hunting Time runs out. 

Also newly introduced is a revamp of the Clan System that rewards clan progression with exclusive Goldbox prizes and some new weapons such as the Claymore, the new K17 Flashbang Grenade and the Barrett Omega.

Check it out at the Official Site.

BlackShot - CS72 - Free 4 All Game Mode



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