BlackShot update adds fastest URF-mode, events and more

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blackshotsmallWith the most recent update CS51, the free-to-play FPS BlackShot adds a series of events and rewards, rebalanced maps and weapons and the super-fast Deathmatch mode URF.

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The patch update applies for the global version operated by Vertigo Games directly and includes the new URF Deathmatch mode 'Scorched Warzone' which is pretty fast-paced, as the movement speed has been increased by 25% and the fire rate with a whopping 50% increase. 

Also returning with CS51 are three maps that have been rebalanced, the Lab, the Carnival and the Savage Ground. Weapons have been rebalanced as well, including the TACOR Tiger, the GALIL Urban, the CBJ-MS Bayou and the MSR. The arsenal got new customized weapons, the AWP Crimson, AWP Azure, Slate Parang and Onyx Parang.

Last but not least Vertigo Games launches a series of events and playtime rewards that you got to check out at the Official Site.

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BlackShot - CS51 Overview



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